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Firearm Collimator Collection | IR Laser

Firearm Collimator Collection | IR Laser

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Firearm Collimator's
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Elevate your accuracy with our IR laser sight, designed for quick, precise targeting. Its compatibility with IR night vision improves visibility, making it a versatile choice for your ar15. Trusted by armed forces, this tool simplifies aiming.

- Precise IR laser sight alignment
- Enhances IR laser night vision accuracy
- Compatible with IR laser AR15 platforms
- Quick zeroing; no live fire needed
- NATO force adopted

Details Features
Efficiency Quick and simple weapon zeroing with no live firing
Precision Accurate to 0.25mil (25mm at 100m)
Versatility For zeroing iron, optical, night vision and laser sights
Reliability Deployed in several NATO armed forces, including the UK
Accessibility NATO stock numbers for simple ordering
Variety More than 80+ model variants from 4.6mm to 40mm calibres
Ease of Use No batteries, adjustments or maintenance is required
Quality Assurance Self-checking with supplied confidence checker