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Osprey Night Vision Image Intensifier | Night Vision Scope

Osprey Night Vision Image Intensifier | Night Vision Scope

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Osprey Collection
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Osprey Collection 

Enhance your night experience with top-tier night vision binoculars. Ideal for both day and late-night adventurers. Light, durable, and versatile: See clearly in the dark with our infrared technology. Suitable for mounting, our night vision monocular sets the standard. Keep your nighttime adventures vivid with our night vision scope.

• Advanced night vision scope with robust aluminum.
• Infrared night vision binoculars capability.
• Versatile night vision monocular, seamless day-to-night use.
• Exceptional clarity, best night vision rifle scope range up to 800m.

Specification Details
Dimensions 90mm wide x 104mm high x 189mm long (with folded eye cup)
Optical Centre Line Above Picatinny 35mm
Weight (without mount & battery) Minimum 1Kg
Construction Aluminium alloy
Magnification 1x
Field of View 12°
Focus 30 metres to infinity
Boresight Retention Permanent, no need to adjust the Scorpius
Dayscope Compatibility up to 60mm
Operational Range Up to 800 metres depending on ambient conditions and tube type
Ingress IP68 Nitrogen filled
Temperature Operation -40°C to +50°C
Temperature Storage -51°C to +50°C
Power Source Single 1.5v “AA” battery
Battery Life In excess of 30 - 60 hours dependent on tube & battery type
Figure of Merit Value (Min) - Osprey 18 1800
Figure of Merit Value (Min) - Osprey 22 2200
Figure of Merit Value (Min) - Osprey 4G 2000

Figure of Merit Value (Min) - Osprey 4G+