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Bridge Offerings X Nocturn | Night Vision Monoculars

Bridge Offerings X Nocturn | Night Vision Monoculars

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Bridge Offerings
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Introducing our Bridge offerings, which enable Night Vision Monoculars or Goggles to be combined.

First off we have Vidarr Inc. T Series Bridge. Which is an advanced articulating dual bridge mount designed for the ViDARR T Series 1.0. This system allows two “T Series” monoculars to be combined to form a Goggle setup. The transformation from monoculars to a binocular or back—allowing sharing with a partner—takes less than a minute using any PVS-14 style J-Arm. To convert, remove the battery cap, insert the bridge into the battery compartment, and secure it with the rear clamp screws. The bridge powers both tubes with a single battery and offers built-in IPD stops, independent pod activation, and a LEMO remote power port. 


Secondly, we have the PANO Bridge, which marks a notable innovation in the design of panoramic night vision goggle systems. It features a unique articulating bridge that allows for upgrades on current quad tube models. This system is under patent review and is designed to offer a sleeker profile by enabling the pods to fold closely to the helmet. This design significantly reduces neck strain by better aligning the goggles' center of gravity with the neck's pivot point. The bridge promotes enhanced operational effectiveness through individual pod stowage, which aids in easier navigation through doors and vehicles, quick deployment of night vision capabilities, minimized snagging in cluttered areas, and the concurrent utilization of weapon optics or thermal devices. It is designed for ease of use and is compatible with several existing panoramic NVG models such as the L3 Harris GPNVG18, Lindu QTNVG, and ANVIS10.