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Hawk Collection | Thermal Scope | Thermal Monocular

Hawk Collection | Thermal Scope | Thermal Monocular

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Hawk Collection
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Hawk Collection 

Enhance your night adventures with a handheld thermal monocular.Perfect for hunting, this thermal scope reveals clear heat signatures. Grab this thermal night vision monocular and see the unseen in the wild with stellar thermal imaging.

- Versatile thermal imaging scope
- High-resolution thermal vision monocular
- Efficient thermal rifle scope for hunters
- Rugged handheld thermal monocular
- Sharp thermal scope attachment options

Specification Category Details
Thermal Image
Detector Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer
Core 640 x 480 pixel array high-definition
Pixel Pitch 17 micron
Video Rate 30 Hz
Display OLED 852 x 600 pixels SVGA monochrome, 35° apparent image horizontal angle of view
Menu On/off, polarity white/black hot, contrast enhancement, electronic zoom 1x, 2x and 4x ratio, screen brightness
Input/Output Single multi pin socket for: PAL video out for recording or transmission, External power via battery power module
Physical Dimensions
25mm Model Length: 135mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 79mm, Weight: 460g
35mm Model Length: 135mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 79mm, Weight: 460g
50mm Model Length: 173mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 79mm, Weight: 593g
75mm Model Length: 188mm, Height: 91mm, Width: 89mm, Weight: 682g
Lens Type High quality IR objective lenses, fully coated eyepiece optics
Dioptre Adjustment -6 to +3 minimum
Eyepiece Lens 25mm glass aperture
Eye Relief 27mm
Environmental and Electrical
Power Source 2 x AA lithium batteries (up to 4 hours continuous operation)
Ingress Protection IP68 Nitrogen filled
Temperature Operation -20°C to +55°C
Temperature Storage -40°C to +65°C